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Brand Platforms:

Great B2B communications start with a robust brand platform: a concise and precise definition of your unique selling proposition and how to convey it. It becomes the basis for all your communications to your customer base, and is THE best tool for maintaining message discipline across all your outreach portals.

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Web sites:

I've managed the web site design and implementation projects and developed web copy for print services companies, academic institutions, business consultants, membership organizations, real estate projects, software and SAAS companies and, of course, my own.

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Content Marketing:

For several clients, I created an overall content marketing plan that include significant website content upgrades, and email/blog campaign for both prospects and existing customers, and a social media campaign for discovery and lead generation. And of course, the content itself.

An important component of these campaigns was the creation of a series of White Papers designed to establish these clients as both thought leaders and technological leaders in their industries.

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Business Plans and Proposals:

Response to RFP: For GLS companies, we started with a new branding platform, then used it to create a new RFP response format for the company. I then wrote their complete response to large RFP, including cover letter, executive summary, response narrative, and exhibits. All 14 reviewers at the target company gave it a thumbs up.

Another recent RFP Response landed the Boise State University website project for Westwerk Design.

Business Plans: Counseled clients in plan design and market research, developed financial sections, wrote conten, and put together the complete busines plan/investment package for an insurance-based service company, a webportal/ecommerce startup, a music/merchandise social media site, and an oil production LLC, among others. Business plan for Canoeing.com advanced to semi-finalist stage in Minnesota Cup challenge (30 out of 830 entrants) - an expert-mediated business plan competition. Exerpt.


Michael produced a series of booklets explaining complex estate planning strategies in such clear and compelling language that I could focus my time with my prospect on sales instead of explanations.

John House, ChFC, President and CEO, Coyote Financial


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