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Once you have great leads, there are a lot of ways you can close the sale. If you depend on Business Proposals or RFP Responses, you know how much time and resources they take, and how crucial improving your close rate therefore is.

A recent RFP response I crafted was given a thumbs up by the entire review team at the target company. All 14 of them.

Not every business proposal I've crafted brought home the bacon. Stuff happens you have no control over. But every single client of mine was more than satisfied that (a) the proposal was the best possible, and (b) they learned a tremendous amount going through my process.

Besides the decades of real-world business experience, the dozens of proposal evaluation teams I've been on, and the message discipline I bring to every writing project, my winning proposals generally are three things most others aren't.

Authentic. Bold. Clear.

Michael is the complete package. He immediately gets what we’re doing, asks the right questions, offers plenty of creative and practical suggestions, and delivers near-perfect copy with the first draft every time. In short, he's a pro and a pleasure to work with.

Tammy Nystuen,
Vice President Marketing, GLS Companies


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