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Results Branding
A results-oriented brand platform is THE starting point for finding great customers. And by "results-oriented" I mean one that is authentic, bold and clear. All three are necessary to cut through the fog of skepticism, the crowds of competition, and the noise of the internet. I can deliver that.

Focused Web Sites
Here's your best chance for a great first or second impression. Web sites that generate quality leads need to be FOCUSED: brand-true, visitor-friendly, and effectively organized. Like results branding, the key is to be authentic, bold and clear.
I can deliver that.

Content Marketing/White Papers
The name of the game in today's marketplace is attracting great customers by providing great content. This includes blogging, podcasts, vidoes, and the king of content marketing, White Papers. A great white paper on a topic close to the heart of your business that helps your prospect do their job better can really propel your business forward. The key is to give generously of your knowledge in a way that's authentic, bold and clear.

Ideal Prospects
In the B2B world, nothing beats a great customer - one that not only needs what your offer, but is a great customer to work with over the long haul. Authentic, bold and clear writing bring the right people to the door. I can deliver that.

My team worked with Michael on an event branding promotion including advertisement and microsite concept and copy. Michael was able to translate the scope, mission and purpose of the organization into compelling copy that resulted in higher attendance and increased ROI for the promotional budget investment. Michael was also a pleasure to work with, offering ideas and suggestions to enhance the promotion's communication impact as well as completing the project on time and on budget.
Eileen Burick, President Burick Communication Design

michael@michaelkelberer.com   (651) 493-4159
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