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Winning Proposals
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Convincing Business Plans
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Bottom Line Results. Peace of Mind.
Writing that means business.

I specialize in helping B2B companies improve their bottom lines by attracting better customers, closing major business deals, and securing timely funding.

I do business. I walked a lot of miles in your shoes before hanging up my freelance shingle. I get what you do and why you're doing it - no training required up front; no hand-holding during.

I think business – Perspectives and ideas from an MBA and three decades of real-world business experience, at your service.

I write business – Writing that's focused on your bottom line, not awards.

Better thinking leads to better communications.
Better communications leads to more business.

The ABC of success:

Be Authentic, Bold, and Clear.


“...In short, he's a pro and a pleasure
to work with.”
Tammy Nystuen, Vice President Marketing, GLS Companies



"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."
Leonardo Da Vinci

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